Red Bull fast on track and in pits - report


Red Bull had not only the fastest car in Turkey but also the fastest pitstops, according to a Spanish sports newspaper.

Mark Webber, Red Bull Racing pit stop
Mark Webber, Red Bull Racing pit stop

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The Marca daily said the championship-leading team's sub-4 second pitstops, so crucial now in the era of Pirelli tyres and no refuelling, were aided by a spring-assisted front jack that drops the car to the ground faster than rival teams.

"Then, when all four wheels touch the ground, the car can be driven out immediately without hint of delay," said the report.

Marca said Ferrari's pitstops, in contrast, seem slower due to the manual jack not lowering the car as quickly, before the drivers comparatively struggle to get the 150 Italia back in motion.

The report speculated that, just as it is using different engine mapping settings in qualifying and the race, Red Bull might also have devised a superior computer setting for the engine during pitstops.

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